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Requires Of Successful Online Marketing

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Knowing what you have to offer that is unique and valuable to others.
I have been online since 1995, and looking for a business opportunity since 1997. What I've discovered since then is, if my idea of an Internet business was to promote affiliate programs, I was basically an employee. I was still working to make somebody else's dreams come true.
Don't get me wrong, I'm an affiliate for some terrific companies, but I also wanted something that I could really call my own. Something to sink my teeth into; that I would make or break by my own creativity, personality, and persistence. I wanted the sense of satisfaction that comes from creating something from nothing; something that would never have existed without my efforts. That's when I started hearing about.
Discovering Your Niche
The Internet is a wonderful, new way to connect with more people, faster. But it is still just a tool, and only as valuable as the information it is the vehicle for. So what did I know (and do you know) that I could share with the world, using the power of today's technology? As a former professional cook, baker and Assistant Pastry Chef, I know more than a little about food, cooking and baking. I realized that, with relatively little effort, I could write ebooks on hundreds of food-related topics! I went from not believing I knew anything of value, to almost having too many great topics to write about!
So what niche can you lay claim to? What is your hobby or favorite pastime? What topic interests you enough to put together an interesting, informative ebook? An ebook that others with similar interests will find useful or even vital, to be considered well-versed in your topic?
Put some thought into the above questions and before you know it, you'll have generated several ideas for ebooks. And your books don't have to be hundreds of pages long. They just need to be long enough for you to explain your subject completely. It could take five pages, fifty, or more. It depends on your topic. If you're having difficulty coming up with good ideas, use the following email address to request a free, 5-day course on creating your first ebook in just 10 days. It's loaded with ideas that will get your creative juices flowing. [email protected]
Hint: If you just want to write about something because it's popular right now, and not because you have genuine interest in the topic, don't be surprised if you find it difficult, or even impossible to finish your ebook. Others may tell you something else, but I've found, if you have no passion for whatever project your faced with, it won't be fun, and if it's not fun, well, it's often never finished!
Maybe there are enough ebooks on "How to make a fortune on the 'Net"? Dare to be yourself and step out of the copy-cat mindset. Be an original! Use the Internet to share yourself and your unique knowledge with the world. If you love fly fishing, or gardening, snowboarding or investing online, write your ebook about THAT!
Don't worry about what's supposedly "hot" right now. If you put some time and effort into a topic you're passionate about, and spend some time locating your target audience, you will create an ebook that others with the same interests will be clamoring to get their hands on! You are an expert at something. And no affiliate program will ever help you share that part of yourself with the world.
Once you have written your first ebook, you'll be faced with having to determine how much to charge for it. This used to be a shot-in-the-dark type ordeal, based on hunches and what other people were charging. Now, it's an exact science, and you can even use the system I'm about to tell you about, for free, to price your ebook, or anything else you are selling for that matter!
It's called "Make Your Price Sell!" by Ken Evoy, and it's so new, your kids haven't even heard about it yet! It's the ultimate product that empowers a-n-y-o-n-e to actually price thei r own products scientifically and exactly. Now you can determine the perfect price for your products with certainty. And no one else in the world is doing this, online or offline. You can learn more about this new tool, and even use it free, here: http://myps.sitesell.com/webinfusion.html
All of the tools you need are readily available, now you just need to get to it! By looking within yourself, you will find information a certain segment of the world "out there" is really dying for. No. you won't be able to be all thing to all netziens. But you will have a better chance of being of value to your niche of netziens. And THAT is something worth doing!

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